Planting a Garden



Whether you live in an apartment and only have a deck or you have a back yard in town, you live on an acreage and have unlimited space, you should make a plan for growing your fruit and veges. There are plenty of internet sites that will enable you to make your plan, but a peice of paper and a pen will do just as well.

Your garden plan should take into account:

  • Buy yourself a book for your garden. In here you will note what you have planted, where you have planted it and the yeild you have from it. It will be your go-to book each new season; it eliminates the guess work and you ensures you will only plant what you know will grow.
  • Measure out the area you have availble and make a rough scale drawing in your book. Remember to record areas of shade, fixed objects (such as trees and fences) and also where your water will come from.
  • If you are working with an existing garden space, record what you grew last year and where it grew; you should make a new drawing each Spring. Your plan will change though the year as you harvest and replant.